So the CEO is retiring

…and I guess it’s only natural for the CFO to be thinking of his promotion prospects.

Our CFO realises he won’t just slide into the CEO role, so he’s booked himself on a seminar aimed at the wannabe CEO. Now I have no problem with that at all, and if he’d paid for it from his own well-filled pockets I’d never even have known about it. However, the company is paying for it. This is also not necessarily a huge problem – I don’t know everything that goes on and it’s quite possible that this is part of a corporate management training program and the CFO is being developed to move up to the CEO role. Of course, on that basis, the training would be paid from the CEO budget, or even an HR budget. The fact that it has actually been paid from the CFO’s own budget could just be a mistake.

A CEO (and indeed, a CFO) must demonstrate integrity, honesty, professionalism, ethics, and so on. No dirty secrets, please.

It’s not looking good for the CFO.


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